Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel

Expo Pass Phone App

AHMA-PSW’s 42nd Annual Los Angeles Conference & Expo is going paperless!

After registering for the conference, please don’t forget to:

1.) Download the Expo Pass phone app (which displays the logo shown above)

2.) Create an account using the email you put for your registration

       * If you were registered in a group and do not know which email was used for your registration, please contact your administrator.

3.) Enjoy receiving instant notifications and having your conference schedule at your fingertips!


Don’t have a smartphone? No problem. Print out your registration confirmation email, which shows your agenda and QR code, and you are all set for the CA Conference and Expo!

Note: No individual schedules will be available at the conference. If you do not have access to the Expo Pass phone app, please make sure to print out your individual agenda.